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                                          Welcome to  Laser Chiropractic & Massage!
                                   1901 W Pacific Ave, Suite 205    West Covina CA    626-338-3600

Thank you for taking the time to research us and see if we are the right place for you to start the healing process, get you active again, and revitalize
your health!

As you may have read on the homepage, the unique technique that I have created has garnered such a buzz in the area that I was asked to travel to
Dodgers/Angels Fantasy Camp in 2014 to bring those methods there. Check out some of the pictures by
clicking here.

95% of our patients come to us through referrals. The referrals pour in so steadily from high school and college coaches and satisfied patients, that
we have not had to do any marketing at all since 2007, and we are usually fully booked each day we are in the office.

But athletes are not the only people we help. Anyone who has pain, and not just back pain but also arm, leg, shoulder, headaches, carpal tunnel, etc,
may be a candidate for the methods we use at our office.

In fact, we get such great results with our patients that every year more school sports teams send us their injured athletes. Currently, we do the sports
physicals and get regular referrals from  
West Covina, South Hills, Covina, Baldwin Park, Sierra Vista, Workman, and Edgewood high
Athletes travel from areas as far away as Temecula, Manhattan Beach, and even out of state to get these cold laser treatments. We have
tons of athletes referred to us from elite travel teams as well,and have treated patients from a Super Bowl Champion, USC Football, UCLA baseball,
Oregon Football, UC Berkeley Football, Wake Forest Baseball, Colorado Football, as well as local colleges like Mt SAC, Citrus, and Rio Hondo.

What I take the most pride in is not only that we have had athletes travel from the above schools to see me, but we also have young athletes brought
in for regular laser "tune ups"by their families, and many of them are driving all the way from the far reaches of the Inland Empire, like Hemet and
Temecula, to South Orange County, to North LA county and even up to Bakersfield. In fact, there is a high likelihood that you are on this site because
someone like this has referred you to our office!

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You can also go directly to the blog by clicking here:  You can also download a free copy of this month's newsletter by clicking on
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You will notice that my site is kind of 'low tech' and homemade looking. That's because I have made it myself so that I have complete control over what
goes into it, and can keep it free of any marketing 'fluff'. If my office is right for you, I want you to decide on your own as a result of the information you
find here, and not as a result of marketing gimmicks or fancy flash graphics.

At Laser Chiropractic, we focus on getting you out of pain as quickly as possible by customizing a treatment plan that is specific to YOU. You will not
be recommended a long, drawn out treatment plan that is given to every other patient that walks in our doors. We won't try to get you to sign up for a
year of care in advance and won't ask you to bring your family in for a chiropractic care class.

You will be treated as an individual, and will be given recommendations for you to do at home to speed your recovery, such as dietary
recommendations, stretches, and exercises. If your case is very complicated, Dr Gair may recommend that you get blood tests, x-rays, or even MRI,
but those recommendations will be customized to your specific needs. At no time will you feel pressured into treatments or tests that you do not want.
Dr Gair will lay out the treatment plan for you, and then it will be up to you to decide to proceed or not. There are no sales pitches or closing tactics,
as those are not appropriate in a health care clinic.

In addition to traditional chiropractic treatments,like adjustments, electric stimulation, and ultrasound, we also offer massage therapy
(all of our therapists
are graduates of certified programs and have over 750 hours of training)
, cutting edge tools like the Erchonia Cold Laser (FDA market cleared for Pain and
Inflammation), the EB Pro Ionic Detox,  custom fit orthotics and pillows, nutritional supplements, functional blood chemistry analysis, and much more.
Lastly, I have had the honor to have worked once on the set of
The X Files, appeared as a fitness expert in Billy Blanks' Tae Bo, and treated
several celebrities and pro athletes. Also, in my personal quest for health, I was a personal training client of
Lou Ferrigno, 2 time Mr Universe and
world famous for his role as
The Incredible Hulk.

This site should help give you an idea why all these people and organizations come to us for their treatment needs. Please note however, that in no
way am I implying that any of these organizations or celebrities are giving an endorsement of me or my methods, and I cannot guarantee that you will
have the same results as the person who referred you here did. There are many factors in health care, such as diet, stress, environment, degree of
injury and degeneration, that makes each person unique. My methods are tailored to the specific factors that make you unique. You won't get
"assembly line" or "mill" type treatments with me.

The navigation bars will take you on a virtual tour of what our office has to offer, and will provide you with some great links to some sites that can be
very helpful for natural health information. Be sure to friend us on Facebook, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Currently it has relaxation
videos that I have created to go along with my album of guitar music with ocean sounds, but I will also be adding videos on health tips and topics in
the near future. I have 2 facebook pages, one for the office, and one that discusses thyroid, gluten, brain, and auto immune issues. Be sure to check
those out as well. I have over 3000 followers on my facebook page currently, as I regularly post health info tips on there. I would welcome you to follow
as well and ask questions if you have them.

Also, feel free to email me with questions at  Please understand that I get a very high volume of email and I may miss your
email to me. It is a much better idea to contact my office first and speak with Liz, especially if you have emailed and I did not respond. Messages on
my facebook site are more likely to be seen and replied to quicker.

We are conveniently located at the West Covina Pkwy/Pacific offramp of the westbound 10 freeway. You can see us from the 10
freeway, as we are located immediately north of it at the corner of Pacific and N Garvey. We are in the 2 story olive colored building.
For your convenience, we have elevator access or you can use the stairs.
Call 626-338-3600 now to schedule
We Provide Short Term, Affordable Care for
Quick Relief of Neck Pain,Back Pain,
Headaches,and Sports Injuries.
"My Goal is to get you better as quickly as possible and back to your normal
activities by giving you the best combination of traditional chiropractic care along
with the latest, non-invasive cold laser therapy. We do it at an affordable price
and with late hours to accommodate your busy schedule." Dr Kirk Gair