"It's like a miracle. It's like
God sent me here. I can't
believe it. I can actually walk
in a store like Costco and not
need a wheelchair!"
Sylvana B., Actual Patient with
Post-Polio Syndrome
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Dr Kirk Gair, DC, IDE, graduated with Honors from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 1999. He began utilizing
Cold Laser Treatments in 2004 and combining them with traditional chiropractic treatments to get some amazing results. Since that
time, he trained with world renowned experts, like Dr Jeff Spencer, who worked with Olympic Champions, Professional football and
baseball teams and World Series MVPs, golfers, and tennis legends.

Dr Gair has incorporated all that he learned from these experts into a unique, proprietary method that he uses at his clinic, and that
he has used on site, such as at the Dodgers/Angels Fantasy camp above. He has worked with an NFL Super Bowl Champion, a
National Champion Wrestler, Olympic runners, Division I football, baseball, and softball stars, and dozens of local high school CIF
champions, CIF MVPs, and All Stars from all the above sports and also basketball and soccer. You can watch or read some of their
testimonials inside our site. And best of all, these techniques are also helping YOUTH athletes recover from the rigors of year round
sports! The laser can accelerate healing and get them back out there playing safely and playing better.

Dr Gair's techniques often get such quick results that he is known locally as "the Voodoo Doc". Obviously, not everyone gets the  
same results, but it is not uncommon to see some "miracles" happen. Watch the testimonials from area athletes who were told they
needed surgery and that their season was done, only to get chiropractic and laser therapy and get back onto the field.

The same methods that help premier athletes overcome injuries to become world champions also work on
youth and high school athletes, weekend warriors, car accident victims, carpal tunnel sufferers,
and even people with chronic pain, old injuries, disc bulges, or conditions like Fibromyalgia.

At Laser Chiropractic & Massage, we combine these cutting edge techniques
With  A Relaxing Spa-like Setting To Help You Relax And Heal.
"That Cold LASER is Amazing.
I'm telling EVERYONE I know
that for whatever pain
they've got, they've GOTTA
go get cold LASER
treatment. I almost can't
believe that it's real!"
Dave M., Actual Carpal Tunnel
Disclaimer: The above mentioned celebrities are not patients of Laser Chiropractic & Massage or of Dr Kirk Gair. Laser Chiropractic & Massage and Dr Kirk
Gair utilize the same treatment methods pioneered by the doctors who have treated these athletes. For more information or to see testimonials regarding
the Erchonia laser, please visit www.Erchonia.com. Use of the same techniques does not guarantee the same results as individual results may vary.
These examples and the testimonials inside are for demonstration only and do not represent the results for everyone. All testimonials have been
volunteered by actual patients of Laser Chiropractic & Massage and Dr Kirk Gair. No money was paid for any of the testimonials. All release forms are on
file at our office and are compliant with current HIPPA regulations. Laser Chiropractic & Massage and Dr Kirk Gair recommend that you consult your
personal physician or chiropractor prior to starting any health or fitness program. Additionally, any health claims regarding nutritional supplements have not
been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure or  treat a specific condition or disease.
The picture below is Dr Gair working the 2014 Dodgers and Angels Fantasy
Camp in Tucson, AZ. He was hired to utilize his cutting edge Cold Laser and
Chiropractic Sports Injury techniques on the athletes at camp. Quite a buzz
was created with the quick results that the athletes experienced!
Click the picture to hear CIF Defensive MVP
Dorrin Turner share how Dr Gair's treatment
fixed his shoulder so he could earn a CIF title
after he was told by other doctors that he would
miss his whole senior season and would need
Teresa Mairen developed a serious nerve injury
called CRPS (RSD) and was told she may need
her lower leg amputated at 16. Dr Gair's
treatment fixed the condition and saved the leg.
Click the pic to watch her story.
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